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January 13th 2024
Women's Ag Summit

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Farm Field

Thank you 2023 Summit Speakers!

Tara Kuipers

" Putting Your Values into Actions"

Tara Kuipers is a South Dakota native who has called Wyoming home since 2000. She is an independent consultant for facilitation and public engagement, training, project management, and coaching. She is guided by the experience and insights gained over a 20-year career in nonprofit leadership, higher education, and community development. Along
with her extensive hands-on experience, Tara holds degrees in


counseling and adult education which gives her a sharp focus on
how people relate, communicate, learn and make positive changes
in their lives, organizations, and communities. The mission of
Tara Kuipers Consulting is to support and strengthen the ways
groups work together, learn together, and achieve great results

Josh Stroh

"Selecting & Developing Profitable Heifers"

Josh attended Colorado State
University earning a B.S. degree in Animal Science, afterwards achieving a Master of Science degree from the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln. While at UNL, he also coached the University Livestock Judging Team. Josh has a very diversified background in the Beef business. Following graduate school, he worked in the embryo collection and transfer business,


was a professor and department head of the Agriculture Program at Miles Community College and managed a cow-calf operation in central Montana. He started his career with Hubbard Feeds as an account manager before moving to his current role in Beef Technical Services covering Montana and northern Wyoming. Josh is passionate about the Beef industry and has a unique background beneficial for helping beef
producers be successful in reaching their full potential. Whether it be a seedstock, cow-calf, or feedlot operation, Josh can help provide sound nutritional and management advice to reach production goals. Josh owns and operates a small cow-calf business and heifer development yard with his wife and family. He is also very involved in youth ag development programs and enjoys all things outdoors dealing with livestock or wildlife.

Steve Paisley

"What the Industry is Doing to Keep Beef in the Center of the Plate"

Dr. Paisley was raised on a cattle ranch near Oshkosh, Nebraska and received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Animal Science from the University of Wyoming. Steve received his Ph.D in Animal Nutrition from Oklahoma State University in 1998 and was initially hired by Kansas State University as a Livestock Specialist located in Hutchinson, KS. 

Steve Paisley pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

In 2001 Steve joined the University of Wyoming Department of Animal Science as the State Extension Beef Cattle Specialist. In the fall of 2007,Steve and his family relocated, with Steve moving his office to the UW-SAREC (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center) research farm near Lingle, WY, where he is the current Director. Steve, his wife Carrie, and their three children Ty, Todd and Hadley Jane live and raise commercial cattle north of Wheatland, WY on a centennial ranch that has been owned and operated by his wife’s family since 1888.

Caitlin Youngquist

"Soil Health & Regenerative Agriculture"

Dr. Youngquist is a University of Wyoming Extension Educator based in Washakie County. She specializes in soil management and compost. She also serves as a Regional Director for the Wyoming Hunger Initiative and works on food security projects around the state. Caitlin will provide an introduction to the soils of Wyoming, soil health concepts, and some of the many ways that producers around the state are 

caitlin pic.png

improving their soils and creating more resilient grazing and farming
systems. Bring a shovel full of soil from your field or garden if
you can!

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